Dating with Tea


Xiamen Dating with tTea Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Yunnan Nest Investment Group. It was established in 2015 and owns “the world's largest organic oolong tea garden” in Lincang, Yunnan Province. It also owns more than 1,600 acres of ‘Rongkang Longtan Millennium Wild Tea Tree Reserve’ in Myanmar.  The ancient tea trees guarantees the stable quality of tea through strict quality control system. Relying on the strong market resources and business portfolio of Yunnan Nest Investment Group Co., Ltd., and with the mission of sharing the beauty of tea, Dating with Tea became the exclusive tea raw material supplier of the organic oolong tea brand “Scene Scent Tea ”. As a endorser of young and fanshionable tea drinking , dating with tea has provided good-quality products through the "Internet + social meida " innovative marketing channel.

Relying on the powerful tea planting and production technology of , we will establish a personalized business model of online and offline multi-level distribution, and strive to create a world business card for Chinese organic Oolong tea.
On the other hand, the innovative e-commerce operation mode reduces the intermediate cost and  therefore benefits consumers.  The company work tirelessly to control the products from the source and think creatively for making a good cup of tea.Based on the characteristics of new Internet economy, the new tea culture and life are constructed through the management of tea estate, production line management, and interactive online and offline sales, etc.


Yunnan The Nest Investment Group has a solid foundation in tea industry both at home and abroad. It owns a complete tea industry supply chain. The Nest Tea Estate has been awarded the “World's Largest Organic Oolong Tea Farm” by the World Record Association. Through the self-developed organic ecological liquid fertilizer, the organic oolong tea cultivated and produced has obtained four global organic certifications from Japan, the European Union, the United States and China. The quality of tea has been recognized by Alibaba Taiji Zen Yuan Institute and therefore begins a business relationship between the two companies. The organic planting techniques  was highly praised by the Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka and was appointed as a special adviser to the Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka.