Scene Scent Tea


Subverting the image of other tea brands in the market in the past, Scene Scent Tea appears in the market with a fresher and younger image that matches its brand philosophy . Using tea as a binding agent, it connects once again the traditional fashion and the trendy fashion belongs exclusively to young people. Upper the industrial value chain, we create a high-standard eco-friendly tea estate, providing our customer clean and organic tea products and offer them high-end boutique hotel experience; For end customers, we strive to bring users a fresh and fun tea drinking experience through our innovative products, unique drinking fashion and stylish tea spaces.


Scene Scent Tea, a subsidiary of Yunnan The Nest Investment Group, is a company that makes ‘ sharing the beauty of tea’ its primary responsibility. The young brand takes advantage of its young and fashion image, the ‘ internet+ social tea drinking’ new business model to promote the tea culture and provide services to both corporate and individual clients.   Scene Scent Tea owns tea farms in Lin Cang, Yunnan Province. The quality of tea is guaranteed by the company’s strict quality control system. On the other hand, the innovative e-commerce operation mode reduces the intermediate cost and  therefore benefits consumers.  The company work tirelessly to control the products from the source and think creatively for making a good cup of tea.


The definition of “scene scent tea” is “tea with aroma and a special drinking occasion”. However,  the Chinese interpretation of "the young and fresh life with Scene Scent" brings about a young and frisky nature of the brand. The ‘Scene Scent Tea’ brand stands by a different attitude to make tea younger and more inspiring.
“Sharing the beauty of tea” is not only the brand spirit of ‘Scene Scent Tea’ , but also the commitment to the land and tea lovers. Only by making tea more beautiful can we live up to the richness of the land and the high hopes of the tea people. This is how we share our love with more people who love tea.