The Nest Powerise


In 2016, The Nest Powerise Cultural and Creative Co ., Ltd., a subsidiary of The Yunnan Nest Investment Group., was established in Xiamen. The company is mainly engaged in cultural and creative industries, focusing on culture and cultural creative  ndustry. In September 2017, Yunnan's first Alibaba Taiji ZenYuan Cultural Institute was established in Yunnan The Nest Cloud Top Tea Manor. In December of the same year, t Alibaba Taiji ZenYuan Cultural Institute was also established in Xiamen Nest Vanilla Garden Hotel. Located in the beautiful Xixi Wetland Scenic Area in Hangzhou, Taiji Zen Yuan was founded in 2013 by Ma Yun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group, and Jet Li, an international kung fu star. The purpose of this organization is to promote a combined spiritual and cultural mass of Taiji culture, Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism  to promote the essence of Chinese culture. Since its founding, it has become a place for urbanite to look for inner peace. It is hoped that the concept of health and happiness( double H) of Taiji Zen Garden will be spread to all corners of the earth. At the same time, Alibaba Taiji Zen Garden is also a cultural exchange platform for , study, thinking and learning Alibaba culture. It is also a journey to the Ali culture and a window to“new retail”.


The Nest will work with Sri Lanka's top universities to create a comprehensive talent cultivation base that integrates schools, design and workshop spaces, and university entrepreneurship incubators. So we established the “Asia-Pacific cultural and creative academy”, a well-equipped school that aims to discover innovative and entrepreneurial talents
China has defined the form and format of how to develop cultural and creative industry. The main tasks of the country's development of cultural and creative industries was made loud and clear by the government, which indicates that the country has placed the cultural and creative industries’ decampment at the height of cultural innovation.