Company Profile


Established in 2014, The Yunnan Nest Investment Group is a professional investment company who’s business portfolio expands tea industry, cultural and creative industry, hotel and tourism.  The company is headquartered in Kunming along with other branches located in Taiwan, Lincang, Xiamen and other cities. In the company's first-phase market strategic plan, it has already invested in more than 10,000 mu(1647 acres) of tea gardens across the  China and Myanmar boarder. At the same time, the company’s real estate and hotel projects in Lincang area are also under development. The  projects include a 18,000-square-meter Shuangjiang Green Tea Manor Hotel whose main construction has nearly been completed. Another big project is a commercial complex named Jindu Trade City . This project aims to attract investment from inside China and another 10 countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos.  The early promotion for this project is already up and running.  In the future, the company will continue to further develop its real estate sector, hotel management and tea industry in Yunnan province. Today, the company's business portfolio is expanding to South China, North China, East China and other regions.

Backing up by the advanced concept for human resource and strong financial reserve, the company has  some of the best  industry elites and management talents in the industry. The company has also  introduced a large number of advanced technologies and equipments at home and abroad, representing the new trend of industry development, providing powerful technological support for the company's  business portfolio. 

Under the banner of The Nest Investment Group, there are Taiwan Yunshuitang Co., Ltd., Yunnan Nest Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Yunnan Mingriyuan Tea Co., Ltd., Gengmamengding Jindu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Xiamen Yuechaqu Technology Co., Ltd., Shuangjiang Rongkangda Investment Co., Ltd.,THE NEST LANKA INTERNATIONAL ( PVT ) Ltd., Asia-Pacific Cultural and Creative Academy .