Corporate Culture



  • Honesty:

      Honesty ,Trustworthiness, Loyalty

      Credibility, Confidence

  Integrity does not necessarily win the world. But if there is no credibility, there is absolutely no chance to win the world. As an important part of the corporate culture, honesty, credibility and trustworthiness are the foundation of the Yunnan Nest Investment Group. 


  • Service:



  Every company knows how to serve its own customers, its own colleague, and its own shareholders. Every company understands the importance of doing business, well. Only by doing this can we have the opportunity to become bigger and stronger to serve the country, to serve the society, and to serve more people.


  • Co-Creation:

    Sharing and win-win

    Creation, Innovation

  Establishing the concept of cultural creation and innovation, aiming to create an independent l and creative brand, and cultivate more innovative and entrepreneurial talents. In today's society, we must pay more attention to cultural creation and build the ‘soft power’ of culture.


  • Future:

  The future will always be reserved for those who are prepared. Only by working hard in the right direction with everyone and building a nest can we have the opportunity to be part of future success.

     People: Employees follow the pace of enterprise development in the course of their work and grow stronger together;

     Enterprise: If the company is more vigorously developed under the efforts and hardworking of its employees, then the company will show great vitality. 

     Spirit: For the mutual development of employee and company, the spiritual motivation is cultivated into the minds of everyone’s mind to achieve a greater future spiritually. 



The Nest Investment Group is based on honesty, service, creation, and the future. The spirit of Alibaba is the guide, practice Internet thinking, and use Internet thinking to create a new enterprise with innovative spirit.


 Operating Concept

Applying Alibaba's corporate culture to the day-to-day running of the business, and the traditional industry is empowered with new retail