Scene Scent Orthodox Tea


20 kilometers southeast of Shuangjiang County, there is a towering mountain peak. It stands proudly above the surrounding peaks. According to legend, there are immortals living in it, hence the name Xianren Mountain. Mount Xianren is 2,707 meters above sea level and belongs to the Maanshan Mountain System. It is located at the junction of Qiong Town and Bang Bing Township.

There are more than 700 acres of original ancient tea trees growing in the inaccessible jungle. The average age of each tea tree is between 80-100 years old. Only the mountain trails that can be walked are only familiar to the mountains. The outsiders should be led by the guide. Hours of travel. In the old saying, there is a cloud of "high mountains and clouds, good tea". Xianren Mountain gathers the high-quality environment for the growth of tea trees. It has no pesticide pollution, less pests and diseases, high altitude, low latitude, and natural geographical conditions to breed Pu'er tea with high quality of export.


The occlusion of the mountains leads to difficulties in the transportation of tea. Donkeys were the only accessible transportation at the time. The making of tea in the area follows a traditional yet cumbersome fashion, which again increases the cost of tea production. Together these factors made the number of local tea farmers in Xianren Mountain to drop until the Pu'er tea made by ancient trees in that area is rarely seen.


Good tea should not be buried in the mountains. We’d like to see more people to understand the ancient mountain Pu'er tea, to support the tea farmers who still insist on the ancient tea making, In 2019, the Nest and its subsidiary ‘Mingriyuan’  established Pu'er tea brand “Scene Scent Orthodox Tea”. We are committed to discovering more high-quality tea products, helping tea lovers to discover this long deserted treasure.