Yunnan Kangbang Real Estate

Yunnan Kangbang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established on June 15, 2011. And the Rongkang Garden Hotel was the first project developed by n Kangbang Real Estate Development.


Rongkang Garden Hotel Project is located at the intersection of Mangbo Road, Sigangli Avenue, Wuyuan County, covering an area of 19,427.53 square meters (about 5 acres). The total investment of the project is 65 million yuan. Buiding unit: Yunnan Kangbang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Construction unit: Dali City No. 12 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Supervisor: Kunming Xincheng Supervision Co., Ltd. The project adopts the latest shock absorption technology, and the seismic isolation pad is added to the basic part to fully exert the anti-seismic and anti-shock effects.


The construction project includes hotel, commercial and residential building and other amenities including landscape area. The total construction area is 29,804.18 square meters, the plot ratio is 1.57, the building density is 39%, and the greening rate is 31.44%.