The Nest Lanka international


The Nest Sri Lanka international is an overseas branch established by Nesting Investment in Sri Lanka, focusing on tea culture promotion, tea organic fertilizer technology, high-end customized tourism, and Lanca commercial resource docking. Sri Lanka is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Tourism, abundant natural resources and friendly people to China provide a wealth of investment opportunities for Chinese investors.
On the afternoon of December 26, 2017, the press conference of the Sri Lanka and China Belt and Road Tea Culture Exchange was held at Xiamen Vanilla Garden Hotel; on March 25, 2019, signing ceremony took place between The Nest Investment Group and KIU University of Sri Lanka at Xiamen The Nest Vanilla Garden Hotel . Sri Lanka is an important partner of China's “Belt and Road” initiative in the Indian Ocean. In addition to being a key point in the ancient Silk Road in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Black Tea is now gaining more and more people's attention in China with its excellent quality and pure taste. Ceylon black tea is called "a gift to the world." Yunnan The Nest Investment (Group) will take advantage of the success of the tea culture exchange between China and Sri Lanka under “Belt and Road” initiatives to assist the Sri Lankan government in promoting the  Ceylon tea industry in the Chinese market, and vigorously promote organic agricultu